Please visit our First Hierarchy Bookstore after Divine Liturgy!!!!

There are many new books, icons, and more.

Here are a few of the items available for sale

Icons- Ranging in price from $5 to $25 dollars

Prayer Ropes- $10 dollars

Prosfora Stamps- we have two different types available. 

Bibles- Orthodox Study Bibles available for $30 and $40 dollars.

Family Books- Mastering the Art of Marriage $18, On the Upbringing of Children $8, and Raising them Right $10

Kids- My Baptism Book $16, Bless O Lord $7

Books- Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classics $28, Spiritual Struggle $34, and Orthodox Saints $15


These are just a few items we have available. The bookstore is open Monday through Friday from 9-2 and after Divine Liturgy on Sundays. If there is a title that you do not see, but may have seen somewhere else let us know. We may be able to order it for you.


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