AMAZON SMILE:   This Holiday Season when shopping at Amazon. Visit and choose St. Iakovos as the charity to benefit.  You then shop Amazon just like you normally do.  There is no cost to you, and after checkout a percentage of the sale will go to St. Iakovos.  What better way to shop and help the Church at the same time!

COFFEE HOUR: We have resumed coffee hour. If you would like to sponsor coffee hour after Liturgy please see the sign-up sheet on the candle stand.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: We have resumed Sunday School.  Please after Holy Communion have your student/s meet us in the back class room.

SPONSORING HOLY UNCTION:  During this sacrament we use 7 of the red vigil candles, if you would like to sponsor the service by purchasing the candles for the health and wellbeing of your family and/or loved ones the cost is $70.

JESUS’S LIST OF LOVE:  We are currently working with the schools to get the lists of families for this year’s Jesus’s List of Love.  We will have the lists available by November 7th.  Pick up will be curbside for the families on Saturday, December 18th 

ANNUAL COOKIE WALK: On Saturday, December 11th we will be holding our annual cookie walk from 9:00am-11:00am. The cost is $9.00 per pound. Each year everyone has been so generous baking for this event.  Please bring at least 6 dozen cookies for us to sell this day. We are asking that you be creative and not make your typical chocolate chip. Why not try something new this year. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS CARD: Once again our Youth Ministries will be sponsoring the annual Community Christmas Card. GOYA members will be available following Liturgy with forms if you would like to purchase a spot. The cost to have your family’s name included on this card is $15 and $25 for businesses. The cards this year will be mailed out to all of our parishioners. Please fill out the form that is available on the information table. Forms are due Dec. 13th. All proceeds benefit our St. Iakovos Youth Ministries. Make checks payable to “St. Iakovos G.O.Y.A.” For more info, call Fr. Jim at the Church Office.

2022 STEWARDSHIP:  Our 2022 Stewardship packets have been mailed. Please review all the information carefully and pray about it before returning your Stewardship card.  Please note that cards have to be filled out every year.  Thank you in advance for your continued support of St. Iakovos.

ANNOUNCING CONSTANTINOPLE & HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE – NOV. 2022: After the great success of our October 2019 pilgrimage to Constantinople and The Holy Land – and the numerous requests of those asking for an opportunity to participate in a future pilgrimage – Fr. Jim is honored to announce that dates have been set for our next pilgrimage which will be a twelve day excursion. Those dates are November 1 – 14, 2022. We will leave in the evening of November 1st from O’Hare International Airport. While a full itinerary and details are still being worked out – we did want to announce this opportunity now. In this manner, those who have expressed interest and or might want to join us will be able to plan accordingly and begin any savings necessary to participate. Once again, we anticipate the cost to be in the $4,000 to $4,500 range per person double occupancy (there will be single rooms available at a higher cost - final cost will be determined by January/February 2022). For this pilgrimage we will be looking into an upgraded price for business class travel and suite accommodations at hotels. The pilgrimage will be led once more by Fr. Jim and Fr. Apostolos Georgiafentis of St. Demetrios in Chicago. We are organizing this spiritual journey in conjunction with Paisadventure and T.I.T.A. Travel who have extensive experience in both countries. We will be leaving Chicago on the night of Tuesday, November 1st and travel overnight to Istanbul to begin our journey.

   Regarding the trip’s cost, as was our goal on our first pilgrimage, it is very important to Fr. Jim and Fr. Apostolos that the cost of the trip be as inclusive and affordable as possible. Affordable because we truly want as many of our friends and parishioners as possible to be able to feel the holiness, blessing and soul awakening experience of visiting the City of St. Constantine, the center of Orthodox Christianity and the magnificent Hagia Sophia. Of course, there are no words to describe being in the Holy Land where our Lord walked the earth, teaching, healing, dying and Resurrecting for our salvation. Our desire to make the cost inclusive is because we wanted to make sure that there would be no hidden surprises or last-minute fees or charges. Included in the cost of the trip are all airfares, hotels, transportation, gratuities, admission to sights and most but not all meals.

   For practical reasons our goal is not to take an unlimited group size but a smaller more manageable group. This ensures our ability to get from site to site in a timely manner; to give more personal attention to our pilgrims by allowing greater access to both priests and our tour coordinators; more time at the sites for a greater personal experience; quicker processing through customs, airports and admission to sites and restaurants.

     We will be capping the Pilgrimage to 40 travelers. This may sound like a lot, but we are dealing with two parishes and regions from N.W. I. and the North side of Chicago. Fr. Jim will be creating a list of those interested – and this will be on a first come first served basis. At a future date, a deposit with a limited full refund will be offered to insure pilgrimage participation. If you have any questions or would like to be added to a list of interest, please see or contact Fr. Jim via email at or by calling him at 219-508-0493.







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